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Photographer Anders Andersson calls himself a photo adventurer who has been capturing  polar bears, king penguins and elephants.

 Living in Stockholm, close to nature, he is delivering pictures almost every day, showing us the beauty of nature we are living close by. 

He shows us the things we are probably missing in a hurry while stressing through the life. Anders captures those moments for us. In order to meet his favourite models, he has to be a very often traveler to long distance destinations. Then it takes time, special technique and experience to meet them and capture the moment.  Eye to eye is called the  exhibiting  which is presented by Anders Andersson in So Foto Galleri. Here photographer presents his favourite pictures both in colour and in black and white. 

Today ,on the 7th of November 2023, is the opening night, but on Saturday we are also having the screening of the images. 

You have two opportunities to ask the photographer Yourself how close he approaches the resting lion or gazing couple of foxes? How long it takes to take a good picture? Where he had been traveling so far? 

Anders Andersson hade been editor-in-chief of  the magazines Privata Affärer and Driva Eget, but after retirements he  had switched to nature photography. He is dedicated to nature photography full time.

Anders has told that he had  photographed elephants with a wide angle from four meters away and usually uses wide angle lens. What camera he uses what is his favourite motives are?  You can read more in the latest issue of the magazine Naturfotografen where he has a ten-page photo reportage on the theme eye to eye with wild animals or check out his site. www.andersandersson.se for more information. 

Though meeting the photographer eye to eye  makes it one in a life time experience. Welcome to meet Anders Anderson Eye to Eye.

by Justina Rosengren 

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