SO FOTO GALLERI presents 3 photography exhibitions in cooperation with CLARION HOTEL STOCKHOLM!

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SO FOTO GALLERI presents 3 photography exhibitions in cooperation with CLARION HOTEL STOCKHOLM.

STRAWBERRY VERNISSAGE AW ` MAKE MEMORIES NOT WAR` for 3 exhibitions curated & produced by SO FOTO GALLERI will be celebrated on the 29th of May 2023. The second floor of the CLARION HOTEL STOCKHOLM will be transferred to temporary extension of SO FOTO GALLERI for at least four months during the summer season of 2023.

The list of the photographers/ exhibitions:

Lars Pehrson “Många möten med musik”

Arūnas Kulikauskas & Jonas Mekas ”Frozen Frames”

Justina Rosengren ”Golden Moments”

Veronica Maggio by Lars Pehrson

Lars Pehrson has worked as a photographer at Svenska Dagbladet for 35 years and had practically the world as his field of work. As a press photographer, he has covered news, culture, business and a lot of sports, too. After 2019 he started freelancing. Over the years, he has participated in several book productions at the publishing house Max Ström. Among others En dag i Sverige (2003), Last night in Sweden (2017), Livet i Norden (2019), as well as the children's book Ida & the elephants that he made with his daughter Ida in 2005. Some images from the book projects have since been shown in exhibitions at Fotografiska. Lars is twice awarded in the Picture of the Year competition.

“Många möten med musik”  The initial idea of the exhibition started as an idea for a book project. During the years at SvD, there were many meetings and reports with various Swedish music artists. Since music has always been one of my great interests, it was close at hand to immerse myself in artist portraits. For me it was a challenge to find inspiring environments for photography. The interviews often take place in a nearby café, which is practical but not so interesting visually. Therefore, I often booked my own time with the artists and tried to find a more relevant environment, such as their own studio, the writing studio, the rehearsal room or the tour-bus. Some photos are also taken in the artist's home. The pictures are not concert pictures, they are off-stage but my idea is to portray the artists  in their everyday musical environment,  with an instrument or mixer close at hand. It has been inspiring to meet artists over many years and get to document a small part of their musical life.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono by Jonas Mekas & Arunas Kulikauskas
 Arūnas Kulikauskas is a photographer, freelance artist & graphic designer born in Kaunas, Lithuania 1959. From 1990 he lived and worked in NY, USA, where Arūnas had worked closely with Jonas Mekas at the Anthology Film Archives. Now Arūnas lives in Lithuania, is a founder and director of Arūnas Works LLC photo studio, NYC & co-founder and director of non profit cultural organization Trys kaimai (Three villages).He worked as a jewellery photographer at Alex Sepkus, Inc. 2006 – 2010. He has a long list of exhibitions and publications. Arūnas Kulikauskas works with analog cameras, Polaroid materials and emulsion, pinhole, makes his own cameras, phone cameras also.

 Jonas Mekas, was a Lithuanian-American filmmaker, poet, and artist who has been called "the godfather of American avant -garde -cinema. Mekas' work has been exhibited in museums and at festivals worldwide. Mekas was active in New York City, where he co-founded the Anthology Film Archives, The Film Makers Cooperative, and the journal Film Culture.He was also the first film critic for The Village Voice.In the 1960s, Mekas launched anti-censorship campaigns in defense of the LGBTQ-themed films of Jean Genet and Jack Smith, garnering support from cultural figures including Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone De Beauvoir, Norman Mailer, Susan Sontag. Mekas mentored and supported many prominent American artists and filmmakers, including Ken Jacobs, Peter Bogdanovich, Chantal Akerman, Richard Foreman, John Waters, Barbara Rubin, Yoko Ono & Martin Scorcese. He helped launch the writing careers of the critics Andres Sarris, Amy Taubin, and J.Hoberman.

 Frozen Film Frames

When asked by Jonas Mekas, an avant-garde film guru living in New York, to reproduce shots from a 16 mm film strip, photo artist Arūnas Kulikauskas built a homemade device approx. 1992 and started experimenting. The result of the experiments was a slide showing not one but several frames of the film. I wanted it to be clear that this is not just a photograph, but a tiny fragment of a film. The shot spans the full width of the film strip with punch holes and a soundtrack mark. Jonas liked the results very much and asked to make a series of slides from his films. The fruitful cooperation lasted almost twenty years. Digital prints printed from the slides have been displayed in museums and prominent galleries around the world. Many of them have been purchased by private collectors. The book Jonas Mekas/Just Like a Shadow of these photographs was published in France in 2000. Some photographs show a fragment of the proposal:  Jonas would thread the thread through the perforation hole, thus marking the frame he wanted to see in the photograph. All remaining creative and technical work was left to A. Kulikauskas.

GoldenCity. GamlaStan by Justina Rosengren
Justina Rosengren is a Lithuanian photographer living in Stockholm since 2010, born in Vilnius, Lithuania (1977). With the background of studies of economy and law she has been always taking pictures if she had a camera at her hand. From 1997 until she moved to Sweden she had been working in an international press/ image agency establishing the representative office in Lithuania. As a dog show photographer as a kid, it was a long-time hobby, followed by private photography lessons, and later photography studies in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2012, she got her first assignment as a press photographer and then she was freelancing during various events, concerts, film festivals and fashion weeks for Swedish and foreign press agencies. Published in Swedish, Lithuanian and international press and even books. This is her 19th exhibition in Sweden.  Despite working with private projects and art projects as photographer & videographer, she is curator, co-founder and owner of SO FOTO GALLERI.In her work, portraits are often the focus, concerts & cultural events at the same time, she is often attracted urban surroundings and hypnotised by nature.

"Golden Moments” is the exhibition made from 3 different exhibitions : Sofo Moments, Blue Yellow & Golden Hour which were exhibited before. The common sense in these photographs is hypnotising and meditating moment, letting You dream away, stopping the moment with the photo camera.  Despite the different surroundings, nature or town, despite the different moments, varying from the sunset in Indonesia, beach in Koster, streets in Södermalm, Stockholm or even the traffic lights crossing in just outside the Clarion Hotel.

📆 When: Opening event 29 th of May 2023 at 17:00 to 19:30

📌Where: CLARION HOTEL STOCKHOLM, 2nd FLOOR, Ringvägen 98, Stockholm



17:00 to 19.30

Live music, refreshments & snacks 

18:00 Official presentation.


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