Powerful black-and-white photography by Jonas Sahlström 28/1 - 18/2 2003

This exhibition KRAFTFULL SVART-VITT is counting the last days in the gallery, but the collection is available for viewing online. Collection mainly consists of two series of photography with different motifs: city and nature. The nature photographs comes mostly fromGotland, where Jonas spends a lot of time.

"- Winter and autumn are the time I find the island most interesting. During autumn and winter, the island is naked and, as if though, there is no viewer or spectator, and You can see its´ a soul now, when the summer guests have gone home. I am fascinated by this structure: the stones, the rocks, and the barrenness that I find very fascinating and worth depicting."

The city photos are from many different cities Jonas had visited during his travels, but You can see the photographs from Stockholm well. All Jonas´ photographs almost exclusively are in black and white.

"- I like being in the black and white expression, you distance Yourself away from the motive, but the essence remains with a long past in graphic design, photography has been a new chapter for a few years now.  This is a relatively new business for me that I am not confident yet with. It challenges me. You get to use other sides of your creativity, which is extremely stimulating.  When I was a child in the mid-60s, I was often in the darkroom with my father, who was both a good photographer and copyist. That is perhaps why I am influenced by older photographic expressions, such as black-and-white photography, and try to reach - even if I work digitally - an older expression in my images. This should not be confused with nostalgia. But the occasional color image begins to show up. Because of being persistent, the color, does not give up, and I am slowly starting to explore this rather unknown territory for me. Some have said that my pictures are a bit desolate, and where are the people? Maybe they are mostly in the way? I don't know, but in my pictures I try to find something permanent and and unaffected. The people often pass fleetingly, except when I really focus on them. Things - they are what they are.

The photographer Kurt Bergengren has said that "a photographer is someone who thinks with his eyes", and that may be true. In that case, welcome to share my thoughts. " interviews Jonas himself."

 Some of Jonas photographs You can also find in the book Gotland –, which he published in collaboration with Alster Förlag. The book has received good reviews and, has been for sale in the Fotografiska Museum's shop. This book is available  in our gallery right now.      

 Do not forget to view the collection!





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