Where the lines and lights meet the moment in Olof Plym Forshell photography

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It feels like we had just opened the exhibition “STOCKHOLM in change" with Olof Plym Forshell, but this exhibition month is coming to the end just in several days.

There is the last chance to meet the photographer this Saturday, on the 30th of October from 13 to 17.00 during the Finissage and have a chat with him about his photography and work, or just to enjoy his work together with the author.

 Olof usually takes pictures where people, lights, forms, and lines are the main components. The same applies to “STOCKHOLM in change", where Stockholm, especially Slakthusområdet (in translation from Swedish slaughterhouses) and Södermalm are the most popular locations. The clear lines suggest the observer, that the photographer is also a designer in the background, for example, If You take a look to the picture Sergels Mitt , You can see how clearly lines and patters falls in to the composition with the figure and the shadow leaving a lot of space to perspective.

Another photograph, Bofills båge, where  3 groups of curved lines and their projections: the whole bunch of the building facade,  several of pavement and the last one of shape of the tree  meets and melts into  each other close to  the point where 2 pedestrian are walking.

 If You do not have the possibility to come and visit, just check our website for digital collection “STOCKHOLM in change", and keep in mind that now You can order Your favorite print to Your home wherever it is.

The exhibition closes on the 30th of October 2021.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for coming events and visit to our gallery!


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