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Last weekend we had opened the exhibition FOLKKÄRT OCH SVARTVITT by Peter Kjellerås in our, So Foto, gallery. The exhibition consists of black and white concert and portrait photography of famous Swedish and international artists taken by Peter Kjellerås.

For all of us it feels great to see these images, not even because of cultural hunger, but because Peter has captured our idols in his way, special way. Many people have been to those concerts and the photographs certainly brings the good memories back. If You were born in this century, come to this exhibition for visualizing the legends You have heard from the music lessons of the history. Or maybe it is just a right time to fulfill Your home art collection?

Most of the exhibited photographs, were taken in Stockholm, where Peter worked as a press photographer for more than 20 years at the Aftonbladet and afterwards successfully freelancing on his own. Not just Stockholm was his playground. During his career Peter has been reporting from Gaza, followed the Swedish soldiers to Afghanistan, was even kidnapped in Zimbabwe, fishing with pure fishermen in Cape Verde, and dived among the reefs in Australia. He photographed such happenings like, the closing of the factories, worked with his camera in prisons, in hospitals and many more. Of course, he has been nominated and won many prizes, in such photo competitions as The Image of the Year and similar.

Coming back to the exhibition FOLKKÄRT OCH SVARTVITT, no doubt You can find one of Your favorite artists here.  Who is it David Bowie, Prince, Freddy Mercury, Bob Dylan or might be Laleh? Those we have mentioned and even more will You be able to find in our gallery, So Foto Galleri, until the 20th of February and afterwards in our digital shop.

Among the other works which are exhibited for the first time, you will find the image of Miles Davis, which have already been sold in more than 50 copies and as well was the first photography to be sold during the opening of FOLKKÄRT OCH SVARTVITT exhibition. That means, not so many copies has left to be sold.

We must mention the fantastic photographs of Prince, David Bowie, Ozzy, Freddy Mercury, Iggy Pop and Patty Smith … and Petter and Dr. Alban and we can continue down the whole list of the exhibition.

The exhibition has 2 special parts: one with 5 images, Vintage images, and the second one, as well as taking not just a special place in the gallery, but also a special part in his heart, the images of Ulf Lundell. The special wall with 6 images and one of them the only one in color, you will face when You will enter the gallery. We just must dedicate a special article to those images after listening to the Peter´s story how they were taken. Meanwhile You are very welcome to So Foto Galleri.





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