Kittlande Mode or Tickling Fashion by Mabel Åsbrink

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It seems like yesterday we have opened  the art exhibition by Mabel Åsbrink, though it was on the 25th of February, 2022.  Kittlande Mode or Tickling Fashion is not an ordinary art is fashion art. Sadly the exhibition is coming to the end after this Sunday.

The artist Mabel Åsbrink has a unique way of painting and her illustrations  are  very famous. Mabel used to be the fashion illustrator at Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), and  her fashion illustration advertisements were constantly published  in daily and weekly papers from 1975 to 1988, until the photography pushed away the illustrated advertising.

Mabel  used to work locally and internationally with various  press and advertising agencies. You have probably seen her work even without knowing it.

After 1988, Mabel started teaching at Beckmans School of Design and later on she had started to create her own fashion as well. She had created clothes for famous Nobel parties as well. Mabel is extremely productive as an artists and is willingly working with with new projects that are interesting and inspires her. Most of her art recently is paintings, but she even makes designs for furniture and other objects. Among the numerous paintings we have some chairs and jackets in our gallery. 

Mabel´s H&M illustrations were a big part of the huge exhibition dedicated to Swedish illustration at Illustration Museum of Sweden in 2017.

Of course Mabel Åsbrink was exhibiting not once, and not only in Sweden, and You probably have seen her art  before. Do not  miss this special collection which we have named KITTLANDE MODE, if You are interested in art and fashion.

20% of all the sales goes to UNICEF and their work in UKRAINE.

Exhibition is open until the 20th of March, 2022. For the hours please check our Instagram feed.

Photo features Mable with her art in the studio just few days before the exhibition, which was  taken by photographer Justina Rosengren. 




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