Golden Hour exhibition by Justina Rosengren opens next Wednesday

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Finally, when restrictions are loosening up here in Stockholm, Sweden, we are daring to release exhibition opening of Golden Hour by Justina Rosengren, here in So Foto Galleri. 

Golden Hour opens next Wednesday on 9th of June, with modest opening night from 18.00- to 21.00 local time. For the ones who are not vaccinated or not daring to meet with more than 4 people at the same time yet or are busy during the evening, they will be able to see this exhibition from 15.00 the same day.

Golden Hour collection by Justina Rosengren will land into the web shop as well. It is expected to be there after one week.

Golden Hour will differ in the sizes of from 30x40 cm to bigger format 70x50 cm photographs on Fine Art Paper. Gallery visitors will be able to buy the framed works, while the web shop clients will literally be able to receive their prints in any corner of the world.

Which of the works will be hanging on the walls? This is still the huge headache both to the photographer and the gallery. The competition is fierce among the genuine pieces taken at home and during traveling. The decision is being made this Friday.  

Justina Rosengren is fascinated by the Golden Hour, which is the special hour with magic light. This so-called hour is not even exactly an hour, its time, just after the sunrise or before the sunset. The duration can differ according to which position of equator You are.

Come and take a look to Golden hour from Sweden, USA or Indonesia, at the same place at the same time, captured by photographer Justina Rosengren.

Justina Rosengren has been working with photography from 1997, first as an agent and in 2012, she has started her professional press photographer career.  Her favourite assignments as a freelance event photographer were concerts and fashion weeks, in Stockholm and in London. At the same time, she was working with private projects and other art projects. This is her 10th exhibition to be.

More about the photographer You can find at


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