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Welcome to our gallery owned by, us Justina  and Johan Rosengren. We are calling ourselves as photo family because we live with photography. We have met because of the photography, and we have more than 60 years of experience in the branch of photography. Though You have to split this number on two in between us and count years working as an agent and a photographer.

We have opened our gallery in the beginning of March 2021 and if You ask, why we did it just now?

It was always our first dream together to have a photo gallery, but then many other things came across during those 12 years as we are a couple. During the pandemic we have felt that this is the right time to do it. It is NOW or NEVER feeling which stroke us.

We will try to describe our vision. We want to have a cosy gallery for visitors, here, just outside Nytorget, the busy part of Södermalm, in Stockholm. Our gallery has a perfect size which is not too big or not too small. We want to exhibit the photography art we like and our visitors would love to have those pieces we exhibit, either at home or at work.

We want to create the own hub for fine photographers. We know that there are hundreds of great photographers, who has difficulties to sell themselves, though they are great photographers.

We start our circle of exhibitions with in -house photographer and from the end August, 2021 we are open for the circle outside the family.

Hope to see You soon,

Justina & Johan Rosengren  

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